vibra con nosotros

We are "vibrating" like never before.

We are going through a major transformation.
Starting now, we have a new name: Vibra.

We have new colors and new shapes. A new corporate identity. An identity that reflects the vast experience and solidity that comes with being one of the largest hotel groups in the Balearic Islands.

We are looking to the future with new eyes. We look to more unforgettable nights, one-of-a-kind days, and perfect holiday escapes filled with the unique colors of the Mediterranean and the incomparable magic of our islands.

Would you like to see

how your name becomes a symbol?

The most important thing about Vibra is you. The energy, the good vibes and everything that happens at our hotels has you as the protagonist. For this reason, we want our new identity to be yours as well. Lo más importante de Vibra eres tú.


By creating an alphabet where each letter is a symbol inspired by the vibration of sound. And by designing this alphabet using the style of our new identity.

By writing your name here, you will see how this new alphabet is used to create a new and unique symbol. You can download this image and use it on your social media, print it to personalize your objects, or whatever comes to mind.

It’s a little something from us to you to celebrate our new identity, and we hope you enjoy it.

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